Welcome to Sanaroo

The SAARC region is home to some of the most promising economies of the developing world, which have been growing all the time, albeit the financial disturbances and meltdowns that have plagued the major world economies quite intermittently over the last decade or so.

However, due to the sharp contrast of the market dynamics of the region, a significant amount of these foreign players either failed to capitalize on the Indian market to the fullest extent, thereby losing golden opportunities to strike gold, or had gradually perished from the Indian market in oblivion, drilling a deep hole in their coffers, getting virtually nothing in return.

This is why, it is imperative that there remains a bridge that will provide a deep insight of the market dynamics and business prospects to these offshore investors. We at “Sanaroo”. are that ‘bridge’ that will help the investors launch and promote their businesses in an effective way, so much so that they get a substantial ROI and an opportunity to grow against an Indian commercial background.

We are home to some of the best and the most experienced experts who have the expertise to provide our clients a transparent insight of the market with some high quality market assessment, advice on market entry and business development, sales execution, & management, revenue generation and providing a cognitive assistance in setting up a credible and effective after-sales customer support team and a trustworthy technology consulting service wherein with maximum emphasis on social media, mobility, cloud technology and data & analytics.

Each and every facet of our service is taken care of by specialist personnel and that is what makes the quality of our service so unquestionable and unique and that to say the least IS our USP!