About us

When it comes to providing the offshore brands a credible assistance in making inroads into the SAARC Region, we at “Sanaroo”. Ltd. make a world of difference by the virtue of our market knowledge, sales network, expertise, promptness and most importantly, our insight about the dynamics of the SAARC market.

Why Us

As things stand now, there is hardly any company in the SAARC region that offers complex IT solutions to businesses, which are coming from other parts of the world to set their foot in this region. This poses a lot of problems for these companies when it comes to getting a stronghold on the market and making substantial inroads. From that point of view, we are a unique company, providing extensive inputs in sales network & management, thanks to the expertise and experience of our core management and advisory teams that help these offshore companies with blueprints and strategies of getting a substantial exposure to the SAARC market.

Core Management Team

Our Core Management Team mainly comprises of a number of highly experienced techno-commercial experts from IIMs and DCE/DIT, with collective sales experience of more than 100 plus Man Years in selling complex IT solutions across the SAARC region for overseas companies.
Our management team is comprised of one of the best brains with:

  • Immense knowledge of working with various dispersed teams and diverse social and economic cultures involving a substantial amount of sales facilitation & business generation
  • In depth expertise in providing sales and marketing solutions, backed by intuitive as well as creative engagement through various consortiums

Besides, they have a considerable amount of combined or collective experience across a wide range of industry verticals (public sector, ports & logistics, education, healthcare, banking & financial service, and insurance) as well as understanding in leading teams, while handling various operational aspects of sales and marketing.


The mission of our company is to play the role of an active sales partner in the SAARC Region helping various off shore companies grow their business in the region by providing valuable sales and marketing inputs.


The mission and vision of our service is to:

  • Honesty & Integrity: We are committed to maintain optimal honesty & integrity while dealing with our clients to make sure that they get the best service in return of their investment.
  • Respect for individual, customers & partners: The mutual respect that is maintained between us and our clients helps in better coordination that in turn yields the best results in terms of chalking out the right strategies of marketing and promoting the products and services
  • Client comes first: We put aside our personal preference and put more emphasis on the needs and requirements of our valued clients to make sure that they can get maximum return on their investment
  • Value to clients & partners: We provide maximum value to our clients & partners to make sure that we never come in the way of their venture except for providing inputs that will better their business prospects.
  • Partnership: The mutual respect we maintain with our clients makes way for a true result oriented partnership that yields true positive results
  • Social Impact: Our efforts have a substantial social impact as the product and service that we help to promote and sell promise to change the socio-economic scenario of the region to a substantial extent.