Ports & Logistics

Sanaroo is home to some of the best sales talents having inroads and relationships in port and logistics sector, with years of experience under their belts. Thus, we are one of the most promising organizations, when it comes to helping various overseas companies who are looking forward to target ports and logistics sector of this country with their respective products and services.

Be it individual information technology setups or products/projects for port automation or various other high tech demanding assignments we come up with flying colors, providing valuable inputs and sales or technology consultation services to our clients that will help them to position their products for the right opportunity available in this target segment.

We are led by some of the best sales professionals having years of experience in the field of ports, maritime business as well as multimodal logistics and transportation system. Thus, we are simply one of the best when it comes to providing inroads and insight as well as specialized sales and account management consultancy services that cater to the needs of our valued clients. We also involve the best qualified business consultants with critical business knowledge for guaranteeing an effective as well as dynamic sales and account management consultancy services.