We at Sanaroo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are committed to provide result oriented guidance that helps our clients put more emphasis on their sales efforts, thereby making inroads into the SAARC market sector that is home to a huge and prospective client base. We pride in stating that the services we provide are always result oriented as they create a sales system that helps you grow your business in an environment that is as unpredictable as SAARC. This is chiefly because SAARC is one region that is made up of economies of variable intensity and dynamics and it is indeed a challenge to take on that market successfully.

Various types of services that our experts offer our clients include:

Sales Consulting Services:

The sales consulting service that we provide, helps creating an effective sales system for your business growth. It does so by refining the system that you maintain, so as to unleash a fresh growth potential against the changing economic scenario. It also helps your sales managers to effectively lead the sales teams to lift the performance level and productivity of the sales force.Our sales consulting service includes:

  • Market Assessment
  • Market Entry & Development
    • Market Representation
    • Partnership/Extended Sales Team
    • Sales & Business Development
  • Sales Execution & Management
    • Sales Setup Establishment & Management
    • Sales/Distribution Channel Creation & Management
    • Sales & Revenue Generation
    • Price Negotiations with Client/Vendors
    • Deal Closure
    • Contract Negotiations
  • After Sales Support Setup

Technology Consulting Services:

When it comes to technology consulting services, we deliver a wide range of technological solutions starting from strategizing to implementation that helps you drive transformation, improve your productivity, quality, and streamline your SAARC centric operations targeted for this particular market sector. We offer you a wide spectrum of practical as well as innovative solutions that are linked to various measurable goals, which in turn help you to achieve a sizeable competitive advantage over the local & other offshore competitors. Our Technology Consulting Services include:

  • Social Media
  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • Data & Analytics