Sales Execution & Management

Sales Execution & Management:

We provide you result oriented sales execution and management by assisting you in your day-to-day activities by effectively channelizing your sales force. This is done through:

  • Generating effective and result oriented leads for fulfilling your pipeline
  • Managing various prospects of your pipeline for moving them towards an effectual close with minimum leakage
  • Developing various account strategies for each of the prospects with a view to maximizing the sales value
  • Effectively managing your client base for improving the rate of retention and increase the customer sales value
  • Helping you to develop winning sales habits through the process of deploying the right experts in the right profiles

Our Sales execution and management services mainly include:

Sales Setup Establishment & Management: Our sales set up establishment and management help you out in the following processes:

  • Marketing along with sales support for development and expansion of the market
  • Setting up and managing various advertising campaigns
  • Assisting in sales negotiations, implementation of projects and other business transactions
  • Helping to train sales personnel in understanding the local market dynamics, and effectively competing with the local market.

Sales/Distribution Channel Creation & Management: Our sales/distribution creation and management service helps you in designing, developing, maintaining and managing a healthy and productive channel relationship with the customers. This helps in creating a sustainable competitive edge over your competitors, especially the local brands. We also create a framework of marketing, helping and managing in your sales efforts for your benefit, irrespective of the business model and channel dynamics.

Sales & Revenue Generation: We help you generate more sales and revenue through the tried and tested strategies of generating more prospects, by increasing the conversion rate. This ensures that more customers in this new market sector avail your product and service, increase the frequency or the number of sales in the case of each customer over a certain period of time and increase the average price per sale.

Price Negotiations with Client/Vendors: When it comes to negotiating the right deal with the suppliers, we guide you negotiate on certain issues that you would like to avail at cheapest possible price. You need to strike the right deal on factors like delivery time, terms and conditions of service, quality of goods and so on. Our service makes sure that you successfully negotiate in terms of other factors like delivery times, terms, and conditions of payment and the quality of product or service you offer.

Deal Closure: Our deal closure service provides you specialized assistance in the major areas that are responsible for effective and successful closure of deals. We guide you to not only a ‘positive nod’ from your customer, but help in creating a sense of urgency in them. This can be done by successfully using and channelizing the threat of competition in the market, generating “late breaking news” thus bringing in an organic closure of the deals.

Contract Negotiations: The contract negotiation services that we carry out on your behalf involve identification of your objectives for entering into the contract and do an extensive research on the rules and regulations pertaining to the contract law in the area of operation. We also prepare the technical aspects of the negotiations, build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with the party you are negotiating with, and help you approach the negotiator with a positive frame of mind and attitude.