Technology Consulting Service

Technology Consulting Services:

When it comes to technology consulting services, we deliver a wide range of technological solutions starting from strategizing to implementation that helps you drive transformation, improve your productivity, quality, and streamline your SAARC centric operations targeted for this particular market sector. We offer you a wide spectrum of practical as well as innovative solutions that are linked to various measurable goals, which in turn help you to achieve a sizeable competitive advantage over the local & other offshore competitors. Our Technology Consulting Services include:

  • Social Media: Our social media consulting service helps you structure your approach and assists you in becoming more efficient in marketing your product and service through social media sites. We also help you acquire qualified customer-following and build a receptive audience by choosing the right kind of social media tools and platforms. This will help you monitor as well as evaluate the extent of scope of conversation relating your business. We also help you develop various promotional initiatives for turning prospective clients and fans into your brand ambassadors. We also lend a hand in creating effective content for your social networking sites and help you manage your community, besides assisting you in monitoring the sentiment around your brand and measure your ROI that you earn through your social media strategy.
  • Mobility: We work in close coordination with you to develop effective mobility strategies, mobility technology and business plans, and for helping you design cost effective and feasible design mobility solutions so as to drive enterprise as well as customer value. The proven and time tested methodologies and accelerators that we follow are designed to cover all the pertinent aspects of defining as well as executing comprehensive mobile strategies, enterprise architectures & application strategies, security and infrastructure strategies and planning that are tailor made for your business.
  • Cloud: The cloud consulting services that we provide help you to effectively evaluate cloud, as a part of the strategy that you will follow for an overall IT based service delivery. These will enterprise various applications that can be transferred to the cloud. The service also determines the model for target operation; evaluate the risks and benefits, people, technology as well as the process for using Cloud technology. We evaluate and assess your preparedness for Cloud based technology and at the same time determine your business cases and your ROI for implementation and management of the Cloud based services. With the help of our experts who have the experience of working with some of the best and the largest enterprises. With some of the most innovative tools & accelerators, we provide an absolutely unbiased cloud based assessment and define strategic & business oriented cloud adoption approach for your customers.
  • Data & Analytics: When it comes to establishing a credible intimacy with the customers, especially when you are entering a market sector hitherto unknown, it is a great idea to get assistance from a certain quarter that has a much better understanding of the customers than you. Here is where our data assessment and business analytics service comes into play. We offer you customized solutions that help you capitalize on the market in a big way. Our expertise in this sector, coupled with our rich technical competency helps you create a strategy of operations, integrate and assemble an overall roadmap, and implement a credible solution through critical evaluation of data quality. We provide you a wide array of analytical service that starts from basic data management and reporting to sophisticated analytics, consulting and data migration service that addresses risk management, enhanced and cost effective operational efficiency, and utilization of market intelligence. All these help you take smarter decisions en route to cost reduction and maximization of sales and revenue generation.