Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services:

Business intelligence can assist organizations to transform data into insights and accomplish higher levels of performance. It provides insights that can help identify new revenue-generating opportunities and enhance functioning effectiveness and visibility across the organization.


We have expertise in handling and providing business analytics, data warehousing and reporting applications that present tangible business benefits.


Our business intelligence services help:

  • Optimize the return on existing business along with IT investments such as data mining, data management, customer relationship management, customer intelligence and enterprise resource planning technology.
  • Enable faster problem-solving and better decision making at the tactical, planned and functioning levels by external and internal users.
  • Assist in better understanding of key performance indicators that drive the business by providing capabilities for advanced analysis and reporting and giving power to compare data for the purpose of tactical and strategic management.


Our Business intelligence solution becomes a powerful data visualization and data analytic mechanism that can act against waste, abuse and fraud in the business.

Our business intelligence solution and services stack is delivered using technology platforms from companies SiSense and Actuate.


SiSense enables even a non-technical user to carry out tasks that once required support from data scientists and database admins. The data mash-ups, interactive web-based dashboards, adhoc analysis of high volume data are all performed with user friendly interface that requires no programming skills.


Sisense is a trusted organization serving a number of global clientele including NASA, Ebay, ESPN, Sony, Comcast, etc. Our business intelligence and business analytics tools are in wide usage and we make the tools available at a very competitive price.


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Actuate is the leader provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) services. It specializes in unleashing the power of technologies, information and business solutions for over 50 thousand global clientele. EIM helps organization grow the business, lower operation costs, and lessen information governance as well as security related risks.


Actuate focuses on the key drivers of business success in order to strengthen business impact, improve business insight, address information governance, accelerate process velocity, and provide security.


Our offerings cover the requirements of progressive organizations, with solutions for Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, Customer Experience Management, Information Exchange and Discovery.


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So, if your organization is struggling with key business decisions owing to lack of information when and where it is needed, avail our expert business intelligence services for assured optimum growth.